The origin of the E. coli illnesses of three San Luis Obispo County residents, including two who have been hospitalized, is being investigated by California health officials while they look for others who might be infected. One of the three is a 12-year old girl who attended the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles where she had a dairy goat entered in 4-H competition. Fairs are often sources of transmission of the E. coli bacteria. Neither health officials or the Paso Robles Event Center have said if the fair is a target of the investigation. California health officials Friday sent an alert to doctors and hospitals in central California on Friday, asking that they send samples from any patients they suspect are suffering from E. coli infections. The potentially deadly E. coli O157:H7 has been identified in two of the cases, and testing is underway on the third. The San Luis Obispo Tribune reported that other 4-H club members, including one of its leaders who is also the county assessor, experienced flu-like symptoms,including feeling nauseated, after the final July 27-28 weekend of the fair. Assessor Tom Bordonaro Jr., said except for the 12-year old girl, the others were feeling fine after 24 hours. The girl showing the dairy goat spent time in the beef, lamb, and hog barns and at several vendor booths while at the fair.