The Houston area restaurant closed down by health officials on June 25 investigating reports of foodborne illness has since passed inspection, but it’s unclear whether it has reopened. In an inspection held four days after Iguana Joe’s was closed by the Harris County Health Department no violations were found. The restaurant earned a perfect 100 score on a report on the June 29 inspection that says no follow-ups are required. Located at 18319 W.Lake Houston Parkway in the Houston suburb of Humble, TX, the restaurant was closed by health officials at 9 p.m. on June 25 after four inspections found numerous violations as part of an investigation into illnesses that were linked to the Iguana Joe’s. The first of those inspections occurred on June 21 when Harris County health officials began their foodborne illness investigation. They found 27 different types of violations at Iguana Joe’s, including eight that involved Good Hygienic Practices. Inspectors returned the next day, June 22, for another inspection. They found a total of 25 violations, destroyed 17 pounds of potentially contaminated food, and issued a citation. The violations involved proper cooking, hot holding, rapid reheating, good hygienic practices, cross contamination, food contact surfaces, and the manager’s food safety knowledge or lack of it. In the June 22 inspection, the restaurant was given 29 demerits, with 20 or more being of a concern and required a follow-up inspection in the near future. Harris County officials returned two days later on June 24 and found little had changed. They issued another citation and destroyed 45 pounds of food. The demerits still totaled 24, with concerns about hand washing facilities and sanitizing added to the list of problems at the troubled restaurant. They returned the next day on June 25, observing 27 different types of violations and closing Iguana Joe’s down. Whether the restaurant remains closed is unclear. While it cleared the June 29 inspection, nobody is answering the phone at the Humble restaurant. It is one of four Iguana Joe’s restaurants that are part of the same chain in the Houston area. Multiple patrons of the Humble Iguana Joe’s became victims of foodborne illnesses over the Father’s Day weekend. Harris County officials could not be reached for an update on the investigation into those illnesses.