This week, Food Safety News is acknowledging leaders who help keep our food supply safe.  We’ve focused on leaders in education, government and consumer organizations over the last several days, and in the days ahead we’ll celebrate leaders in non-government organizations and the food industry. Today, we point to members of our own profession whose work we respect.  Of course, no list is ever complete so if you think we’ve forgotten someone, please leave us a note in the comments. While Food Safety News is dedicated entirely to covering food safety issues, a number of reporters across the nation take on the task of integrating food safety coverage into more broadly-focused news publications.  Here, listed in alphabetical order by last name, we acknowledge our peers for their work on the food-safety beat. JoNel Aleccia JoNel Aleccia is a writer and editor at  She covers breaking news and consumer health issues. Stephanie Armour Stephanie Armour is a food safety and healthcare reporter for Bloomberg News.  In October of 2012, she published a wide-ranging report on the state of food safety inspections in the U.S. titled, “Danger on Your Dinner Plate.” Jim Avila Jim Avila is Senior National Correspondent for ABC News, based in Washington DC.  He oversees an investigative/enterprise unit designed to use the Federal Agencies to break stories and expose trouble in food, drug, airline and environmental safety. Mark Bittman Mark Bittman is a New York Times Opinion columnist, the lead food writer for The Times Magazine and a columnist for the Times Dining section.  His book, “Food Matters,” explored crucial connections among food, health and the environment. Michael Booth Michael Booth is the health care writer for the Denver Post.  He often writes about food-safety issues. Monica Eng Monica Eng is a reporter for the Chicago Tribune.  She writes on consumer and cultural topics ranging from the ethics of meat to why Chicago Public Schools serve kids nachos every day. Phyllis Entis Phyllis Entis is the author of eFoodAlert, a blog where she reports on food recalls and other food safety issues.  She is the author of “Food Safety: Old Habits, New Perspectives” and “Food Microbiology–The Laboratory”.   She is a regular contributor to Food Safety News. Barry Estabrook Barry Estabrook is a former contributing editor at Gourmet magazine who now writes for the New York Times, Washington Post, and other publications.  His 2011 book, “Tomatoland,” exposed the gastronomic, environmental and labor-abuse issues associated with the industrial production of tomatoes. April Fulton April Fulton is the blog host of The Salt, NPR’s Food Blog. As an editor on NPR’s Science Desk, she edits and prepares radio and web reports on food topics ranging from raw milk policy to growing African crops. Jerry Hagstrom Jerry Hagstrom is founder and executive editor of The Hagstrom Report, which covers the Farm Bill, nutrition, conservation, food safety and other rural issues taken up by Congress and discussed at farm meetings throughout the U.S. Jason Huffman Jason Huffman is Editor in Chief of Food Chemical News, an independent source of news and guidance on U.S. food regulation.  He is also creator, producer and editor of “The Knife and Fork Show,” a weekly talk show focused on food regulation. PJ Huffstutter PJ Huffstutter is an agriculture reporter for Reuters.  She is a self-described big city girl with farm roots covering agriculture issues, and says if it grows in the ground or is raised on a farm, she’s interested. Tiffany Hsu Tiffany Hsu is a general assignment reporter for the L.A. Times Business section.  She writes about restaurants, fast-food, and consumer issues. Mary Clare Jalonick Mary Clare Jalonick covers food policy for The Associated Press in Washington, DC, including USDA, FDA and anything else food-related. Tom Karst Tom Karst is National Editor for The Packer, covering immigration, farm policy, food safety and other issues of importance to the produce industry.  He also authors Fresh Talk, a produce industry blog. Kat Kinsman Kat Kinsman is editor of Eatocracy, a CNN blog with innovative daily, weekly and ongoing features incorporating user-generated content and social media activity. David Knowles David Knowles is a reporter for the New York Daily news who writes about food safety and other topics. Michael Moss Michael Moss is an investigative reporter with The New York Times. In 2010, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for his investigation of the dangers of contaminated meat and recently published an expose on junk-food science for the New York Times Magazine. Mike Stobbe Mike Stobbe is a medical and health reporter for the Associated Press covering the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Cancer Society.  He is based in Atlanta. Lynne Terry Lynne Terry is a breaking news reporter for Portland’s The Oregonian.  She specializes in food safety stories. Elizabeth Weise Elizabeth Weise is a breaking news, science and food safety writer for USA TODAY’s Life section, based in San Francisco.   ___ See all of 2013’s Best of Food Safety in governmenteducationconsumer organizationsnon-government organizations, the food industry and the news media.