A Florida-based company that recalled its crab spread for potential Listeria contamination earlier this month has expanded that recall to include three other kinds of seafood spreads. Gold Coast Salads of Naples, FL issued an updated voluntary recall of its Blue Crab Spread, Maine Lobster Spread, Lobster and Shrimp Spread and Smoked Salmon Spread this week, adding onto an initial recall of its Blue Crab Spread only. All spreads are sold in either 1 lb. or 8 oz. containers. Expiration dates for the recalled products appear on packaging, and include the following: Blue Crab Spread: EXP 2/14/13 B Maine Lobster Spread EXP 2/16/13 LA The Lobster and Shrimp Spread: EXP 2/23/13 L&S1 and EXP 3/30/13 L&S1 The Smoked Salmon Spread: 3/10/13 S2 The recalled items were produced on 12/17/12, 12/19/12, 12/26/12, 1/31/13, and 1/25/13 respectively and distributed to stores in the North East and South East United States, according to the company. Customers who purchased the recalled items should return them to their point of purchase for a full refund.