The failed California Right to Know campaign says it will be back in 2014 with another ballot initiative for labeling genetically engineered foods. It lost last November when a majority of California voters opposed Proposition 37. In an email to its supporters and members, the six-member steering committee blamed their loss on being outspent by their opponents by a 6-to-1 margin. “No one likes losing, especially those of us who formed the steering committee for Prop 37,” they wrote. “But we want you to know that your hard work and sacrifice built an enduring movement to label GMOs here in the U.S.” In addition to promising to be back with another California initiative next year, the steering committee says it will be “deeply involved” in Washington State’s new GMO initiative to the Legislature and state legislative battles. Labeling bills similar to Prop 37 have been introduced in New Mexico and Missouri. The steering committee letter mentions Vermont and Connecticut as other states where they expect legislative action to occur. When the California Right to Know campaign qualified Prop 37 for the 2013 ballot, it claimed a massive lead. However it ended up without a majority at 48.6 percent of the vote. “We narrowly lost this one battle, but we built an unstoppable movement,” the steering committee wrote. The group says it has turned “a relatively unknown issue into a mainstream public debate.” Signing the email were: Dave Murphy of Food Democracy Now!, Gretchen DuBeau of Alliance for Natural Health, Pamm Larry of Label GMOs, Steve Rye of Mercola, Michael Potter of Eden Foods and Ronnie Cummins or Organic Consumers Association.

  • Does this mean they’ve conceded and dropped the recount? I remember hearing about the recount and fraud/conspiracy claims when it kicked off, but nothing but silence since.


  • Yes we get a second chance to make GMOs labeled by the chemical and big agribusiness companies.  These genetically engineered foods cause cancer and increased amounts of pesticides and herbicides to be used.  

  • Your1Friend

    This is great news.

    Hopefully, the majority voters of California —  those of the Central Valley in particular  — will finally be able to examine the facts about deadly GMOs. 

    California should have the propaganda routine down by now (if precedent may serve a guide).

    1) The GMO industry will hire a PR firm or two (probably in Sacramento) to organize the essential shill work. Perhaps they will employ the same firms they did in 2012. 

    2) Syndicated newspapers, their editors, and their pseudo journalists will present characteristically misleading coverage in support of GMOs throughout the election year. 

    3) Academic shills and pseudo scientists in Los Angeles, the Bay area, and  Davis can be expected to shill for GMO technology. 

    4) By late summer, misleading radio and TV propaganda will begin to assault listeners day and night. The ads can be expected to fully contaminate the airwaves during the 4 weeks prior to the elections. 

    5) Internet shills will be hard at work shilling for their biotech lords. 

    Washington State: please take note! The same (or similar) propaganda routine will probably be used against you and your children. 

  • Robin Shed

    Great news for people. GMO food is really harmful for human health and environment as well. Government keeping leaving public out of this big debate. See more –

  • GMO labelling should be replaced by permanent ban on GMO products! It’s just a waste of time debating.

  • David Allen Cobb

    good idea. Though accomplishing that is much more difficult than labeling. So, lets label first.. then ban the f out of it all! lol. It’s a long and frustrating process… I know… we will eventually come out on top if we keep trying. Change is inevitable. 2014 will be a great year. We need to keep up the fight and fight HARD.