The federal magistrate judge has yet not yet ruled whether the defendants even have the legal standing to bring their case, and the federal defense attorneys have yet to show up in the court, but two activist organizations say they are now “entitled to a summary judgment on their sole
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Target has pulled all Hampton Creek products, including “Just Mayo,” pending further review because of food safety concerns.

Officials with the country’s second largest retailer have been in contact with the Food and Drug Administration regarding their concerns, but the federal agency is not providing specific details — yet.

Hampton Creek Just products“The
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Salmon-I-knoy-you-are In November 2015 the FDA approved the first genetically engineered salmon as fit for human consumption, paving the way for genetically modified organisms to become a regular part of the American diet. The “super salmon” designed by AquaBounty Technologies produces growth hormones year round rather than just during the summer
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