At least four children at an Alabama daycare contracted Salmonella infections between the end of September and middle of October. Health officials say other cases may be linked to the outbreak. Milestones Learning Center in Auburn, AL says four children who attend the daycare fell ill with what later turned out to be Salmonella infections between September 24 and October 13. Health officials say they are investigating other cases of Salmonella in the Lee County area. East Alabama Medical Center reports that one patient there tested positive for a Salmonella infection, according to local news station WTVM 9. Other patients have exhibited symptoms of salmonellosis. “The investigation of this outbreak is ongoing,” said a representative from the Alabama Department of Health in an emailed statement to Food Safety News. “Salmonella has been isolated from several ill patients. However, conclusions as to a source of the infections have not been made.” Lee County Health Department has determined that the four cases of Salmonella linked to Milestones were not foodborne, and did not originate at the daycare, reports WTVM 9. The cases were likely secondary infections contracted from an outside source, say health officials. Salmonellosis – the disease caused by Salmonella infection – is characterized by fever, chills, headache, nausea, abdominal cramps and diarrhea, which can be bloody in some cases. These symptoms generally appear between a 6 and 72 hours after infection. Salmonellosis generally resolves itself within about a week, but in severe cases can last longer or lead to complications. Anyone experiencing symptoms of a Salmonella infection should contact a healthcare provider.