The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Continental Strictly Kosher Meat, Poultry & Delicatessen Products (Establishment 29) warned the public over the weekend not to consume certain ground beef and ground veal products sold at five Quebec retail outlets because they may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. The meat was recalled and no illnesses have yet been associated with the warning. Glatt’s lean ground vela, lean ground beef, medium ground beef, and medium ground beef club pack are affected by this alert. These Glatt’s products were sold at various weights at the following locations in Quebec: -IGA #8111, 5800 Cavendish Boulevard, Côte Saint-Luc -Kosher Quality Bakery, 5855 Victoria Ave., Montreal -IGA #108, 7151 Chemin de la Côte Saint-Luc, Côte Saint-Luc -Alimentation Marcel Picard, 13057 Gouin Blvd, Pierrefonds, Montrea -IGA #8522, 4885 Avenue Van Horne, Montreal Consumers are advised to contact the retailers if you are unsure as to whether you have the affected beef products stored in your home freezer. The pack dates, lot codes, and available UPC numbers can be found here. Food contaminated with E. coli O157:H7 may not look or smell spoiled. Consumption of food contaminated with these bacteria my cause serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Symptoms include severe abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea. Some people may have seizures or strokes and some may need blood transfusions and kidney dialysis. Others may live with permanent kidney damage. In severe cases of illness, people may die. The manufacturer, Continental Strictly Kosher Meat, Poultry & Delicatessen Products, Ville Mont-Royal, QC is voluntarily recalling the affected products from the marketplace. The CFIA is monitoring the effectiveness of the recall. For more information, consumers and industry can call one of the following numbers: Continental Strictly Kosher Meat, Poultry & Delicatessen Products at 514-522-1196. The CFIA at 1-800-442-2342 or TTY 1-800-465-7735 (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday to Friday).