Some of the ground beef products recalled by a Canadian firm this week for possible E. coli contamination were sold to processors in the United States, announced a U.S. distributor Monday. The potentially contaminated ground beef products, manufactured by XL Foods of Alberta, Canada, were tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture when entering the U.S. at the Canadian border and were found to contain E. coli O157:H7, according to a press release from US Foods. The affected meat was sold by XL Foods to at least two large U.S. processors, including Morasch Meats of Portland, OR and Cattleman’s (a US Foods brand), according to Greg Pallaske, Director of Regulatory Compliance at US Foods, which buys ground beef from these processors and distributes it to retail locations. US Foods distributed the XL Foods ground beef from three Pacific Region centers, Pallaske told Food Safety News Tuesday. No illnesses have been linked to consumption of the recalled products to date. US Foods says it has begun to contact customers who purchased products subject to the recall. For more information on the ground beef recall in Canada, where the affected product is sold at at least 12 retail chains across the country, see the list of recalled XL Foods products on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s website.

  • Maria

    Great. How do I know if that’s the ground beef sitting on the shelves at my local grocery store?

  • husna aijaz

    On purchasing ground beef, the best way to retard microbial growth in the refrigerator is to pre-wash the meat, drain the water and add salt and lime juice. These natural preservatives inhibit the growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria.Adding fresh herbs like mint and basil during cooking to an internal temperature of 165 degrees celsius can ensure a safer meat. Garlic and Turmeric also have anti-microbial properties, and make the meat delicious.
    A better option is to purchase a raw cut of boneless meat and have it freshly ground. Scientific studies have indicated a less microbial load in raw meat cut than in ground meats.

  • Bob

    Food contaminated with E. coli may cause serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Some people may have seizures, strokes or suffer kidney damage. When will the Minister responsible for this be fired? Does Gerry Ritz have pictures
    of Stephen Harper with little boys are something like that? How can a guy keep having food recalls across Canada and now in the US keep his friggin job? The 26 that died of listeriosis in 2008 are not getting any justice with Gerry Ritz still at the helm of our food safety.