Three people were hospitalized with Salmonella Montevideo infections after eating at Denny’s in Rochester, MN. One more case has not been confirmed but is thought to be part of the outbreak. The three patrons became ill between July 2 and July 7 after eating at the same Rochester Denny’s between June 27 and July 5. Officials at Olmsted County Health Services are looking into how the bacteria might have entered the restaurant, and suspect that it was being carried by a customer or employee. The restaurant has been fully cooperative throughout the investigation, taking all measures recommended by health officials. County and state health departments have discarded potentially contaminated foods, sanitized all food preparation surfaces, enforced glove use among all employees and excluded all ill or recently ill workers. “We did not close down Denny’s specifically because we were able to get into the restaurant early enough to start the intervention right away,” said Shaylene Baumbach, an Olmsted County public health educator, according to the Post Bulletin. Officials continue to investigate whether other cases may be linked to the outbreak. Symptoms of Salmonella usually develop about 12 to 72 hours after infection and include fever, diarrhea and abdominal pain and cramps. Symptoms usually resolve within a week, but 20 percent of illnesses lead to hospitalization. If you think you may have contracted a Salmonella infection, contact your healthcare provider.