If you need a little extra push to get back into cantaloupes, this may do it.  Melon Minders are just a way to make the melons just a little more desirable by making them into chilled melon balls with an extra punch. It’s sort of like the 5th of May (Cinco De Mayo) meets the 4th of July. Serves 8 Ingredients 4 medium cantaloupes, about 3 pounds each scooped into balls. 1 fifth of Margarita Mix.  Several options are: Jose Cuervo, Margaritaville, and Freshios. (Another option is to use your favorite straight tequila and your own recipe.) 3 limes, cut into wedges Salt and pepper for serving After making the melon ball, chill them really well.  Two hours at least, over night would be good.  Put them in a glass bowl and pour your favorite Margarita mix over the melon balls. Serve with the lime wedges so they can be squeezed over the melon balls, which can be salted or peppered to the tastes of your quests.

  • Rexford

    Sanitizing the melon balls with tequila is a pretty useful food safety idea. It helps step up the bland blossomy flavor, too. Could have utility for all fruits and veggies. Tequila for some, vodka for others. Rum would work, too. I wonder how carrots might taste floating in JD? I’m going to try it out right now. I think proportion is everything — you don’t want to go too heavy on the carrots. Is this how vegans do it? Could this explain their otherwise irrational passion?