The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has counted an additional 10 cases of Salmonella Montevideo linked to live poultry since last month, bringing the new case count to 76 people across 22 states. Of those ill, 17 have been hospitalized. The live birds originated at Estes Hatchery, a mail-order hatchery in Springfield, Missouri. The number ill by state is as follows: Alaska (1), California (2), Colorado (1), Florida (1), Georgia (1), Illinois (2), Indiana (9), Iowa (2), Kansas (10), Kentucky (1), Massachusetts (2), Missouri (24), Nebraska (8), Nevada (1), New York (1), North Carolina (1), Ohio (1), Oklahoma (4), South Dakota (1), Texas (1), Vermont (1), and Wyoming (1). Children ages 10 and under account for 37 percent of those ill. Approximately 93 percent of victims with information available reported purchasing live poultry from various locations of 16 different feed stores across multiple states. The CDC advises those who handle chickens, ducks and other live birds to wash their hands immediately afterward, as they could be carrying Salmonella bacteria. Young children and those with compromised immune systems are advised not to handle live poultry at all. Illnesses that occurred after July 3 may not be reported yet.