Amazing Coachella, Inc. farms grew the romaine lettuce linked to E. coli O157:H7 illnesses that struck California, New Brunswick and Quebec in late April, the California Department of Public Health confirmed Wednesday to the Packer. The lettuce infected at least 9 in California, 18 in New Brunswick and 1 in Quebec. The New Brunswick cases all resulted from eating at Jungle Jim’s restaurant in Miramichi, while the California cases are said to have come from a single restaurant and the origin of the Quebec illness has not been stated. Food Safety News inquired to the California health department regarding the name of the Californian restaurant involved in the outbreak, as well as any information about whether the lettuce was sent to any other locations beyond the three known, but a spokesman was still working on collecting the information Wednesday evening. FSN first confirmed the California-Canada E. coli connection with the California Health Department last week, but at the time was told they could not reveal information regarding the number ill, the identity of the grower, or the restaurant involved. By the time California health officials identified Amazing Coachella as the grower, the crop had long been tilled and replanted, leaving little opportunity to identify the cause of E. coli contamination. Health officials say the investigation is closed and the lettuce no longer poses a public health threat.