The Environmental Working Group announced on Thursday that a group of food and agriculture policy leaders are forming a new nonprofit that “for the first time will hold lawmakers in Congress accountable” for important votes that impact food and agriculture policy.

According to EWG, the new group will track congressional votes on a broad range of issues, including food safety, farm subsidies, nutrition assistance, farm animal welfare, fisheries management, organic and local food, farm and food worker justice, and the impacts of food and farm policies on the environment.

The new 501c(4) organization will publish the National Food Policy Scorecard, the first of its kind, in the fall of 2012.

The scorecard will use votes cast during the 112th Congress, including amendments proposed to the farm bill currently under consideration by the Senate.

EWG said that “national leaders engaged in legislative efforts to address America’s broken food and agriculture system are founding the organization,” but declined to list the groups participating.

The nonprofit will formally launch later this year, according to EWG.

  • Ted

    Please consider revising this press release Dan. Bigtime misnomer in the title of your article when you describe EWG minions as “food and ag leaders”. Probably a typo; you meant to write ‘food and ag loathers’, didn’t you?
    In the body of the article you admit “participating groups” deliberately remain unnamed by EWG who describes them as “engaged in legislative efforts to address America’s broken food and agriculture system”. That tells us everything we need to know. This will be yet one more cabal of fanatic special interest anti-agriculture extremists lobbying congress to destroy our mostly OK food system.
    We’ve not seen “broken” until these ignorant foodie jackasses begin forcing their emotional agenda upon us all. By the time they are finished with us we will no longer even remember what functional once looked like.

  • James

    Gee “Ted” — there you go again with another dysfunctional Disinformation Special– trying to put a positive spin on our “mostly OK food system” — that’s a good one!
    Our food system IS broken — but the fix is in from the Special Interests whose $4billion/year advertising budgets and mega lobbying bucks keep things — mostly — well hidden until it’s time to pay the health bills and the environmental costs — or consumers get wind of what’s really happening in those CAFOs and processing plants…
    It’s time to follow the money into the halls of Congress — a Congressional scorecard is long overdue.

  • Benjamin

    Hmmmm…501c(4) = sanctioned lobbying machine.
    Just what we need, another anti-agriculture propaganda-spewing front group for the no longer so quaint or demure “small farms” special interest lobby. Oh well, creates lucrative “nonprofit” jobs for a few more overpaid agenda-whores.