Global Food Safety Forum would like to invite you to our 2012 China Agribusiness & Food safety Investment Summit on June 20-21 in Beijing.
Global Food Safety Forum (GFSF), is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to create an industry platform for food safety in the Asian market and offers members opportunities to address global supply chain issues.
This year we would like to invite you to our big event on June 20-21 in Beijing, China. The Summit will provide an exceptional opportunity for members to discuss up-to-date food safety regulations, to meet and network with industry peers (e.g., Novus,ThermoFisher) and to explore investment options (e.g., JP Morgan Asia Pacific) internationally in a two-day session. The experience of attending this event will be incomparable, thought-provoking and beneficial.
Please join us on June 20-21 in Beijing to discuss important food safety investment issues and for more information, please check our site at or by phone at 703-684-1366.