Approximately 100 pounds of Springwater Sprouts brand Organic Alfalfa Sprouts and 3# Bulk Clover Sprouts are being recalled because of possible contamination of Listeria monocytogenes.


The sprouts, distributed by Alfa Sprouts Inc. of Honeoye Falls, NY, come in two packages:

– Clear clam shell packages containing 4 oz. Organic Alfalfa Sprouts with a sell-by date of 4/28/2012. Distributed in New York State:

UPC Code 688267047411

UPC Code 042891000523

– 3# Bulk containers of Clover Sprouts with a production code of P93. Distributed to institutional accounts in Upstate New York.

The Listeria contamination was discovered after sampling by New York State Department of Agriculture inspectors and analysis by the New York State Food Laboratory.

  • Gene (genius at large)

    Organic sprouts again! Isn’t that what killed 50 people and sickened thousands in Germany just last year? Why do we even tolerate organic sprouts being sold here in the U.S.? No doubt we will have to let some local organic farmer kill 40 or 50 of us before we take this unnecessary risk seriously. What a wasteful approach! The precautionary principal dictates we must ban anything that hasn’t been proven absolutely 100% safe…and this organic food have been proven unsafe but still we put up with the very real risk of fatal poisoning from organic sprouts.

  • Pamela

    How did the listeria get on the organic sprouts? Usually organic sprouts have e coli or salmonella from manure on the seeds. Did listeria come from sewage or manure on the seeds or from manure and compost at the organic farm? Did the organic farm workers infect the sprouts during handling? Listeria is a bad disease to get. You would have to take real medicine not homeopathics if you get listeria in your body.

  • Peter

    A food for fools.

  • make middlemen accountable

    The Colorado listeria cantaloupe debacle occurred on the watch of a third party auditor and it looks like these listeria sprouts did too. The label on the sprouts package says the contents are certified by NOFA-NY. So much for third party inspections and safety oversight. Isn’t it about time we clamped down on these shiftless third party auditors, maybe hold them financially accountable for contaminated food distributed under their certification? They are paid to verify compliance, after all.

  • Make spin doctors accountable

    Hello — the function of the USDA-accredited third party auditor (NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC) is to inspect and test for compliance to the National Organic Program standards for farm and handler Organic Certification.
    They are NOT constituted to be a food safety inspector — that’s the job of FDA, USDA and EPA.
    However, as the Gold Standard in the marketplace — Organic Certification has numerous regulations concerning and preserving food safety practices. Organic farmers are not allowed to use fresh manure on crops as conventional farmers do, for instance. Neither are they allowed to use antibiotics in livestock or poultry manure as cattle feed — as is standard practice in CAFO factory farms. GMOs and human sewage sludge are also prohibited as well as toxic synthetic fertilizers and pesticides…. The list goes on and on…

  • Ted

    Ah, a helpful demonstration from a real-life paid spin doctor! To translate: ‘The job of third party certifier NOFA is to inspect and test…but they are not food safety inspectors…but they enforce regulations to preserve food safety practices…then a gratuitous off-topic rant bashing & trashing conventional agriculture…blah, blah, blah…pfffft’.
    I guess I’m beginning to understand how these organic sprout farmers mess up and sell contaminated organic food to innocent customers — they are confused and distracted by double talk and nonsense from the ‘certifying experts’ who are supposed to be overseeing and regulating them…and, in turn, assuring & protecting consumers. As we get to know our farmer and our farmer’s third party certifiers it is more and more chilling. I certainly wouldn’t eat anything “certified” by NOFA!