Top Government Officials Mike Taylor (FDA) and Elisabeth Hagen (USDA) to host an open forum on major issues regarding regulatory agencies and the private sector. Speakers will provide an update on the Food Safety Modernization Act, Audit Programming, and Funding Realities.  More information about the town hall is available at the Food Safety Summit Website.

  • TP

    Town Hall meetings are great informational channels.
    Information is gathered by asking the correct questions.
    After 40 years in food manufacturing and exposure to manufacturing world wide, my question would be “is more intervention the key”?
    The food industry has some of the most knowledgeable people in the world at it’s call.
    I have never interacted with a manufacturing facility that did not have some people on staff that knew what needed to be in place. That includes US and foreign companies.
    Is it more intervention or something else?