Established in 1972, the Rocky Mountain Food Safety Conference has become the premier food safety conference of the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. Because the quality of the Rocky Mountain Food Safety Conference is so widely recognized, we planned and conducted the entire food track of the National Environmental Health Association’s annual conference in Denver, Colorado in the year 2000.
Sponsored by several government agencies and private companies the conference brings together professionals from the food industry and the food safety community, providing a unique annual opportunity for updates, networking, and new ideas. National and local experts present information and views on current issues, problems, and developments, and conference participants gain an updated, broader view of the field and their role in securing and protecting a safe food supply.
Attendees include a wide range of food safety professionals, with expertise and perspectives including marketing, education, regulation and enforcement, and research. Specifically this includes food service managers, restaurateurs, chefs, retail managers, public health officials, laboratory professionals, food processors, students, health educators, quality assurance directors, cooperative extension personnel, and representatives from state and federal agencies with food safety education, training, and regulation responsibilities.
The conference provides an opportunity for those with different food safety responsibilities to learn, network, and see others’ perspectives. The objectives are for participants to:
– Gain an understanding of current food safety developments and trends
– Learn of new food safety-related technologies
– Meet and dialogue with others in the field
– Gain new ideas for solving problems
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