Grand Strand Sandwich Company of Longs, SC is recalling some of its chicken salad sandwiches from convenience stores in the Southwest after its distributor recalled the chicken salad used to make them.


The recall is the latest in the string of recalls that began January 26 when Michael Foods revealed that some of its hard-cooked eggs could be contaminated with Listeria.

No illnesses have been associated with the hard-cooked eggs distributed by Michael Foods or any of the products made with the eggs.

In a news release Wednesday, Grand Strand wrote that its recall “came about when Bost Distributing, our chicken salad manufacturer, bought some of the hard-cooked eggs that were produced (and later recalled) by Michael Foods. Bost Distributing was unsure if the eggs from Michael Foods were used in our product, so just to be safe we are recalling (the sandwiches).”

The recalled sandwiches include:

– Grand Strand Sandwich 4.5 oz., UPC 067068101056, sell-by 02/24/12

– Grand Strand Sandwich 4.5 oz., UPC 067068101056, sell-by 02/29/12

– Country Harvest Chicken Salad 5 oz., UPC 067068171059, sell-by 02/23/12

– Lunchbox Chicken Salad 4.5 oz., UPC 067068121050, sell-by 02/24/12


For a list of many of the other egg products recalled see “Hard-Cooked Egg Recall Widens.”