It is not unusual for Mississippi’s 82 counties to log 200 confirmed cases of Salmonella a month, yet a cluster of 11 cases that has popped up in the northeast town of Corinth is getting the attention of state health officials.

No definitive source for Corinth outbreak has been determined. Some experiencing symptoms were admitted to the local hospital, the top administrator of Magnolia Regional Health Center told local media.

Health officials are interviewing those who’ve been treated to find out what foods they’ve eaten recently and if they’ve done any dining out.  Food samples have been taken from some local restaurants, but none have yet been closed by the state.

Corinth, a town of about 1,500 on the Mississippi border, is served by the Alcorn County Health Department in the state’s 11-county Public Health District No. 2. 

There are about 40 strains of  Salmonella, common in the U.S., which can cause illnesses that include fever, cramps, and diarrhea.