In a recall related to one previously announced by Giant Eagle, the Pittsburgh-based grocer chain, the producer River Ranch Fresh Foods of Salinas, CA announced Friday that it is taking 2,154 cases of various bagged salads off the market because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

The bacteria was detected during a routine random test conducted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

There have been no reported illnesses.

The recall includes:

— Farmers Market, 8 oz Shredded Iceberg, UPC 30034-30195, BEST BY 14OCT2011, A106A and A106B

— Farmers Market, 7 oz Parisian Blend, UPC 30034-30259, BEST BY 14OCT2011, A106A and A106B

— Farmers Market, 9 oz Leafy Romaine, UPC 30034-30364, BEST BY 14OCT2011, A106A and A106B

— Farmers Market, 12 oz Romaine Garden, UPC 30034-30220, BEST BY 14OCT2011, A106A and A106B

— Hy-Vee, 8 oz Shredded Iceberg, UPC 75450-12053, BEST BY 14OCT2011, A106A and A106B

— Hy-Vee, 12 oz American Blend, UPC 75450-12047, BEST BY 14OCT2011, A106A and A106B

— Hy-Vee, 12 oz Garden Supreme, UPC 75450-12046, BEST BY 14OCT2011, A106A and A106B

— Hy-Vee, 12 oz Romaine Garden, UPC 75450-12058, BEST BY 14OCT2011, A106A and A106B

The recalled salads were produced on Sept. 27, 2011; distributed in Iowa, Ohio, and Pennsylvania; and sold in retail supermarkets.

Consumers are urged not to consume the lettuce. Return the bagged salad to the place of purchase for a full refund. Contact the company at their 24-hour customer service center at 1-800-762-7708. 


  • Art Davis

    I invite you to read the summary of Codex on Lm at the website below. It clearly outlines, in the last paragraph or so, the futility (And in fact negative effect on overall safety) of a zero tolerance for Lm in food. Sooner or later we’ll figure this out in this country…..Maybe

  • What can we learn from the last recalls?
    The consumers have quit buying any product that’s named in a recall. Without the consumer buying your product there is no business to make.
    News like this: Listeria outbreak devastates Calif. Cantaloupes are really sad but could have been fully avoided with ScoringAg.
    Companies are loosing unnecessary millions, farmers their crops, workers their jobs and income for their families.
    How can this be changed?
    Give the consumer the information he wants and has the right to know. He wants to know the exact spot and proof where a product is coming from, not a brand name or a general region to be sure he buys the right product and is on the safe side.
    Does a brand name on a package do the job? NO, because it doesn’t tell where the product was grown and harvested.
    Does the PTI/GTIN code on a product do the job? NO, because it just point to a brand name and rings a few cash registers for the certain product. It is actually devastating for a brand name as we can see on all the recalls.
    Does a sticker pointing to a region or a Country of Origin information do the job? NO, because Consumers don’t believe on that information as long there is no proof for it.
    Does the SSI-EID traceback code do the job? YES, because the retailer and consumer can search for this code in the internet and find the information in the real-time database of ScoringAg.
    This sticker from our customer New Limeco shows how easy it can be done (including the GTIN code if needed) by ScoringAg. In this article, the Operations Manager even talks about the cost of his investment with ScoringAg:
    You can enter this SSI-EID traceback code SSI_06E238C1F2 in Search on our websites or at retail and consumer level in
    If you want to protect your business and be complaint with the new FSMA rules at the same time, use ScoringAg’s affordable solution for recordkeeping, traceback and labeling up to the item-level, so the consumer can see and be confident what he is buying