More than 40 people became ill following a barbecue fundraiser in South Carolina, and the state Department of Health and Environmental Control is now advising that any food purchased at the Sept. 16 and 17 event at York’s Grace Covenant Church should be thrown away.

All of the people who became ill are reporting the same symptoms, mainly vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

In a news release, Dr. Gil Potter, medical director for the Region 3 public health office, which includes South Carolina’s York County, said test results are pending on the cause of the illnesses.

“While not conclusive, this fundraiser is one thing in common among the people who got sick. As a precaution, we are advising everyone to immediately discard any food purchased at this fundraiser,” Dr. Potter said in the statement.

More than 300 plates of food were sold, and many people bought barbeque in bulk for freezing and later use. Food from the event should not be eaten by people or animals, according to the health department.

People who think they might be sick as a result of eating food from this event should contact their health care provider, the department added.