Seafood processing plants operated by La Fiesta Food Products in San Jose, CA  and Wild Foods Inc. in Milwaukee, WI were both subjects of June 17 warning letters from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

La Fiesta processes dried shrimp, including shredded shrimp and whole shrimp.   Wild Foods processes marinated herring made with sour cream and chives as well as wine sauce.

After La Fiesta was inspected last Feb. 2 and 24, and Wild Foods was inspected between Feb. 15 and April 26, FDA ruled that the fish products from facilities were considered adulterated under the law.  

The warning letters informed La Fiesta and Wild Foods of their “serious violations” of federal food safety laws, including the seafood Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) regulations.


— Wild Foods did not have a HACCP plan for the herring products.

— LaFiesta did not have a HACCP plan for its dried shrimp seafood products, and did not maintain sanitation records to indicate whether water safety, food contact surfaces, and other practices were being followed and protected.

FDA analysis also found that La Fiesta’s shrimp contained a high level of 651 to 685 parts per million of sulfites. Numerous branding issues are also cited in the warning letter.

Both seafood companies were given 15 business days to response with plans for correcting the violations.