It is time to put the United States Senate out of its misery.

I am not just talking about the 111th session of the U.S Senate adjourning sine die two weeks from now, I am saying it is time to forever dismiss this body of millionaires and minions.

We need to write it out of the U.S. Constitution.

Where’s George Norris when we need him?   George Norris, in case you asked, was the progressive Republican-turned-Independent who is the father of the Nebraska Unicameral.

During the Great Depression, Norris persuaded Nebraska voters to dump the bicameral system and they’ve never looked back.  He said bicameralism was outdated, inefficient, and unnecessary.

“…The constitutions of our various states are built upon the idea that there is but one class. If this be true, there is no sense or reason in having the same thing done twice, especially if it is to be done by two bodies of men elected in the same way and having the same jurisdiction,” Norris said.

And that was in 1934.

In the ensuing 76 years, it has only gotten worse.   The aristocratic House of Lords we call the U.S. Senate is a joke.   It a body that has made standing around wasting time an art form.   The Senate as a great deliberative body is history, if it ever once was.

We will need to make some adjustments when we close down the Senate and bring on the Unicameral Congress.   We need a federal legislative body that can keep up with the times in which we live.   

Until we get this accomplished, I know we all have to keep watching this pathetic body on C-Span.   We’ve come down to the last two weeks of the 111th Congress and because of the lethargic Senate; we do not know if there will be food safety legislation for the President to sign.

It’s time to be one people, represented by one House.  Bring on the Unicameral Congress!