As we near our 300th day of publishing Food Safety News, we are experiencing one of the big benefits of the season–our summer interns!

We are very fortunate to have three talented and aggressive young women helping us this summer.  Together they’ve really give added punch to our daily fare.

In the order that they’ve joined us, they are:

Michelle Greenhalgh, a graduate student in government at John Hopkins University in Washington D.C.   Michelle’s studies focus on Political Communications and Pharmaceutical Policy.

Alexa Nemeth, a pre-law Political Science major at Washington State University.  Alexa wants to pursue Health Law.

Laurel Curran, a Willamette University student majoring in Politics with a minor in American History.  Laurel is also law school-bound.

Summers often end up being the peak season for food poisoning outbreaks.  We may be already seeing some of that this year with the multiple Salmonella outbreaks, and some important food recalls.   

Having Michelle, Alexa, and Laurel available to help us get through “the season” is a great plus for us.  In looking at the last week, we might not have been able to report on “Unicorn meat”, breast milk, or the man who lost a leg in a commercial meat grinder were it not for their efforts.

As long as we are talking shop, the changes we’ve made seem to be working out.  We are kicking off the week on Sundays with an emphasis on this column and the Publisher’s Platform written by Bill Marler.

We go at it hard M-F during the week, and while we originally thought that would make Saturday our lightest day, but business and government so much likes to drop unfavorable news late on Fridays that our Saturday edition seems to be taking care of itself.

There’s one other thing that’s getting Food Safety News some considerable notice, and that is the diversity we are getting in our guest commentaries and the quality of most of the comments that our readers make.  The overall civil tone that prevails here is very encouraging.

Keep those digital cards and letters coming in!