Chinese authorities removed more Melamine-tainted dairy products from the shelves of southern China’s convenience stores on Monday.  This action comes more than a year after the first of hundreds of thousands of children became sick from drinking contaminated milk products in the ongoing Chinese melamine-tainted milk scandal. 

melamine-milk2-featured.jpgWire reports confirm that both cartons of milk and frozen milk products produced by three companies–Shandong Zibo Lusaier Dairy, Liaoning Tieling Wuzhou Food, and Laoting Kaida Refrigeration–dated from early 2009 were taken off the market.

This product removal comes on the heels of Chinese Court-ordered death sentences of three individuals and life-imprisonment of one person involved in the ongoing melamine-tainted milk scandal in China.  Beginning in 2008, Chinese authorities recalled tons of melamine-tainted baby formula and other milk products.

According to, the Chinese Ministry of Health cites the tainted

formula in at least six infant deaths.  The Ministry also claims that

the bad formula has caused over 296,000 infants to fall ill with

ailments such as kidney stones.

Melamine is an organic compound found in many laminates, fabrics, glues and other housewares.  When ingested over long periods of time or in high amounts, melamine can cause bladder or kidney stones, bladder cancer, and as thousands of Chinese infants suffered from, acute kidney failure.