Canadian poultry producers have new national standards to comply with, Canada’s Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced Tuesday.

Called “The National Avian On-Farm Biosecurity Standard,” the new rules “focuses on disease prevention and protection measures, collectively known as biosecurity which play an important role in keeping diseases off the farm and out of the Canadian food chain,” according to CFIA.

“Biosecurity is the best investment producers can make to safeguard the health of their animals on the farm and make the most of their business,” said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. “This national standard will guide producers on good biosecurity practices so that together we can protect Canada’s poultry industry against disease.”

A few examples of on-farm biosecurity practices include:

  • Washing your hands and changing into clean clothes and footwear before and after coming into contacting with your animals.
  • Routinely cleaning barns, pens, feeders and watering equipment and disinfecting them when necessary.
  • Controlling visitor access to your animals.

The Standard was developed in consultation with poultry marketing boards, producers, non-supply- managed and supply- managed industry, processors, the poultry service industries, veterinary associations and academia.