Vibrio vulnificus, a microorganism that can lead to severe skin breakdown and ulcers, was detected in a recently deceased individual from Suffolk County. Following this discovery, New York Governor Kathy Hochul has addressed New Yorkers about crucial public health measures and continuous preparedness endeavors.

The Governor’s announcement comes after the

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The Connecticut Department of Public Health is warning residents about the potential dangers of consuming raw shellfish and exposure to salt or brackish water along Long Island Sound, because of severe Vibrio vulnificus infections. 

Since July 1, three cases of Vibrio vulnificus infections have been reported to the state health department. The three patients

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The Florida Department of Health in Escambia County is investigating a death related to a Vibrio vulnificus infection.

Public health officials did not release any other information about the death. They did not say where the patient lived or the patient’s age.

The officials are urging residents to take precautions against infection

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Discussions on Vibrio in seafood have revealed a number of developments in recent years, according to a report.

Raw shellfish such as oysters and clams are the most common foodborne source of vibriosis.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) published a
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illustration Valentine dinnerOysters and champagne. Love is in the air. It must be Valentine’s Day.

Yes, indeed, oysters have long been associated with romance — the perfect aphrodisiac.

There’s actually some science to back that up, although it’s about the way rats, not humans, responded to oysters in a 2005 study done
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