The CDC states that the death-dealing virus that causes COVID-19 spreads predominantly from person to person (P>P). A deeper dive into assessing this transmission route — and its presence in the food industry — may help sharpen intervention tactics.

This assessment starts with a look at an infected person’s
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Authors: Angela Spivey, Andrew Phillips, and Alan Pryor 

It may come off as a truism that food safety is the “most central consumer safety and legal compliance issue” facing a food and beverage company. Yet the Delaware Supreme Court’s decision in Marchand v. Barnhill—a shareholder derivative suit that
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The notion that “the food police are coming” motivated attendees at the United Fresh Produce Association’s Washington Conference earlier this month to attend a session featuring Jeffrey Steger, assistant director in the Consumer Protection Branch of the U.S. Department of Justice, and prominent attorney Doug Fellman, a partner, at Hogan
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