Overall findings of Salmonella in livestock in the United Kingdom in 2020 went up, according to a report.

Data covers Salmonella reports from livestock in England, Wales and Scotland collected by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) during 2020. Samples were taken from premises including farms, hatcheries, veterinary practices, zoos and slaughterhouses.

The rise came despite a reduction in non-statutory surveillance and clinical diagnosis submissions in many species because of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdown measures.

The document revealed 5,263 lab reports of Salmonella from humans were sent to Public Health England, Public Health Wales and Public Health
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Three men have received suspended prison sentences for offences relating to the illegal slaughter of sheep at a farm.

Sean Burns, John Clayton and Kenneth Darren Evans were found by officers of Pembrokeshire County Council in Wales, preparing sheep carcasses, which had been slaughtered into smokies.

Smokies are an illegal product created by singeing the fleece off the carcass of a sheep, to leave the surface of the meat with a smoky color and leaving the carcass with a strong smoky smell, due to the burning process. They are mostly sold in ethnic communities, which view them as a delicacy.
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