Reportable Food Registry

AUSTIN — Richard S. “Ricky” Dickson, the current President at Blue Bell Creameries, testified Wednesday as a government witness against his predecessor and one-time mentor, Paul Kruse.

Dickson took over from Kruse in 2017 at the Brenham, TX, company known for its flagship brand of Blue Bell ice creams.


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Four initiatives by the private sector to improve food safety are called out for recognition in the 5th Annual Reportable Food Registry Report, which has been submitted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They include:

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Last May, shipments of Florida grape tomatoes carrying Salmonella were sent to retailers and processors in 10 states and Canada before the distributor finally learned its product was contaminated. If it didn’t act fast enough, the distributor, Six L’s Packing Co., could have a potentially serious outbreak on its hands.
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