Faculty at Virginia Tech’s Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center are working to develop alternative and sustainable food sources in the form of insect protein.

Mainstream insect consumption is gaining steam. Recent figures estimate that 2,111 species of insects are consumed in about 140 countries. In November 2021, the European
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Researchers have discovered how bacteria such as E. coli get the essential nutrient iron during infection.

Scientists from Monash University in Australia found pathogenic bacteria obtain iron by pirating it from host proteins.

The protein import system of E. coli is an important factor in infections caused by pathogenic strains
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The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a “GRAS No Objection Letter” for Parabel USA Inc.’s trademarked Lentein plant protein, according to the ingredient producer.

Parabel CEO Anthony Tiarks said getting a “no objection letter” from FDA goes beyond their strict compliance to industry standards “and reaffirms our company’s values
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