New York State Department of Health

Blue Triton, of Zephyrhills, FL, is recalling more than 300,000 cases of their 1964 Zephyrhills 100% Natural Spring Water because of Bromate in the finished product that exceeds the MCL of 10ppb.

The allowable level established by FDA for bromate in bottled water is 0.010 milligram per liter. 

According to

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The Seneca County Health Department has confirmed a case of Hepatitis A in a food service worker employed at Mark’s Pizzeria at 1963 Kingdom Plaza, Waterloo, NY. Public health officials stated that individuals not previously vaccinated for Hepatitis A and who consumed cold foods, such as subs, salads, vegetables, lemons
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For decades, food safety experts have lived with the reality that roughly one-third of foodborne illness outbreak investigations ended without finding the source. But with the wide proliferation of new laboratory technology on the horizon, outbreak investigations could soon become more accurate, more efficient and more complete, according to researchers
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