Amos Miller makes his first state court appearance tomorrow since the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture searched his farm under a court-issued warrant.

Miller, who claimed so-called “Sovereign Citizen” status as a defense in federal court, must appear at 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 29 before Judge Thomas B. Sponaugle in Pennsylvania’s

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This time, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture executed a duly issued search warrant on Amos Miller and Miller’s Organic Farm. The state’s responsibility was to determine if raw eggnog and other unpasteurized, raw dairy products produced by Miller were responsible for positive Shiga toxin-producing E. Coli tests in Michigan and

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Civil imprisonment and $300,000 in fines can likely still be avoided if Amos Miller sticks to the plan outlined in new court documents

Miller and his wife Rebecca were scheduled to be back in federal court on Friday with their new lawyer and maybe a new strategy to avoid imprisonment

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Since it began almost six years ago, the definitive court hearing always seems to be about one month away.

The United States v Miller’s Organic Farm and Amos Miller’s next such hearing is set for September 26. At this one, Amos Miller of Bird-in-Hand, PA must have his $305,000 fine

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Amos Miller, the agribusinessman from Bird-In-Hand, PA, continues filing papers with the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania.  

It’s not known if the filings are taking him down a rabbit hole or if there might be a legal strategy somewhere.

Miller owns farmlands in multiple states and has a national sales
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Federal Judge Edward G, Smith of the Eastern District of Pennslyvania had reason to hope that Amos Miller would give George Lapsley, the court’s appointed expert “unimpeded access” to Miller’s Organic Farm’s facilities, meat and poultry inventory, records, employees, and other staff so that Mr. Lapsley could perform his court-directed

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In action in a food safety court case next week, Amos Miller, counsel for the parties and the court’s appointed expert, are summoned to an on-the-record telephone status conference. Federal Judge Edward G. Smith ordered all involved to dial in at 1 p.m., March 9.

The status conference will be
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