That anticipated out-of-court settlement between Missouri and Turtle Island Foods is not happening.

The many parties involved “do not believe additional time will allow for resolution of the impasse, according to their July status report to the federal court for the Western District of Missouri.

Instead, those involved in the
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Attorneys have again told federal Judge Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr that they have a “tentative settlement” in the Turtle Island Foods versus Missouri case, but they say they need more time in mediation to work on “final language and approval of necessary officials.”

Turtle Island Foods v. Missouri is the
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The mystery Nebraska State Sen. Carol Blood created briefly Tuesday by withdrawing her bill to limit the use of the term “meat” on product labels in the state was short-lived.

On Wednesday she introduced an alternative to her original measure. The new proposal, Legislative Bill (LB) 594, seeks to amend
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The Nebraska Unicameral bill for truth in advertising and labeling in the sale of meat and providing a penalty for non-compliance was looking pretty popular.

Since Sen. Carol Blood, D-Bellevue, introduced it, Legislative Bill (LB) 14 had picked up five co-sponsors in the nation’s only nonpartisan legislative body. Blood,
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