Congressman Dusty Johnson, R-SD, has introduced the Beef Origin Labeling Accountability Act to clarify and reinstate mandatory country-of-origin labeling (MCOOL) for beef products. 

South Dakota’s “lone voice” in Congress explained:

“Consumers don’t know where their beef comes from. It could be South Dakota, Brazil, or Canada,” said Johnson. “U.S. producers raise better beef, and they’re not getting the credit for it. My bill takes a step in the right direction to get accurate labels back on these products to increase consumer confidence in American-made and grown products.”

The Beef Origin Labeling Accountability Act:

  • Directs the United States Trade Representative and
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Food safety-conscious consumers want a “Made in the USA” label they can trust, according to survey research conducted during the past decade. But for beef and pork products, it’s not possible to trust statements about the origin because the Mandatory Country of Origin Law (MCOOL) was repealed by Congress in 2016.

The Billings, MT-based Ranchers Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, known as R-CALF, has said the loss of MCOOL eliminated any ability for consumers to know the origin of beef bought at the grocery store.

“We are grateful for the ongoing bipartisan support for this important legislation as seen by Senators

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This is R-CALF USA’s weekly opinion/commentary that describes a letter to Congress sent by 50 diverse organizations and provides a list of reasons MCOOL is valuable to Americans. It is available in three formats: written, audio and video.

By Bill Bullard, CEO, R-CALF USA

New Year’s question: What do various organizations with membership comprised of Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, urbanites and rural folks, and consumers and producers, all have in common?

The answer is: They all want Congress to pass a new law so they can know where their beef comes from. The new law they want

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Any resurrection requires at least a little faith.

Nobody has more confidence than R-CALF’s CEO Bill Bullard for the return of mandatory county of origin labeling, or MCOOL, for meat.

MCOOL is popular with many consumers and America’s livestock producers.

Congress repealed MCOOL in 2015 after the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled it harmed Canada and Mexico as a non-tariff trade barrier that would cost the United States billions of dollars.

Bullard sees the recent adoption of the Inflaton Reduction Act as a “seismic shift.” He says it moves Congres from “submissive adherence” to a WTO-enforced national trade obligation to

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