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The deadly Salmonella outbreak that has been traced to maradol papayas from Mexico is spreading, with 32 more victims…

Wholesalers can identify the papaya recalled by Agroson’s LLC by codes found above the handle on the master carton, codes include: 3044, 3045 and 3050. The farm that grew the papayas is also listed on the upper left side of the master carton, CARICA DE CAMPHE.

Agroson’s LLC, a distributor in…

Officials have barred all papayas from a farm in Mexico from import to the U.S. as well as warning the public to not eat Caribeña brand maradol papayas from Mexico after tracing a deadly Salmonella outbreak to the fruit.

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UPDATE 1 a.m. EDT July 26: Officials with Grande Produce LLC did not respond to multiple requests for comment Tuesday. The CDC posted an outbreak update Tuesday, with the victim count holding at one dead and 46 others sickened. 

Grande Produce LLC, the importer of Caribeña brand Maradol papayas linked to a deadly and ongoing…

No recall has been issued, but Food and Drug Administration officials are warning the public against eating Maradol papayas from Mexico in general — and Caribeña brand specifically — because they have been linked to a Salmonella outbreak.

One person in New York City has died and 46 others across 12 states have been confirmed…

The Maryland Department of Health is warning consumers to not eat Caribeña’s brand yellow Maradol papayas because they could be contaminated with salmonella bacteria.

The yellow papayas have been distributed to stores throughout the state of Maryland.

State officials discovered the contamination in the course of an ongoing Salmonella case investigation, according to the June