Initiative 522 opponents in Washington State have apparently shifted some voters against the ballot measure to require labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The state’s only independent, non-partisan survey research firm, known as the Elway Poll, says its Oct. 15-17 interviews with 413 registered Washington State voters found
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An early indication last year that California’s Proposition 37 might be in trouble was its unpopularity with the state’s newspaper editorial writers. The same phenomenon may be playing out in the Evergreen State, where scribes with opinions aren’t showing much support for Washington’s Initiative 522. The Seattle Times, Washington state’s
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Sunday’s end to the Washington State Legislature’s 105-day regular session means Evergreen State voters are going to decide whether genetically modified food should be labeled.  That’s because lawmakers in Olympia took no action on Initiative 522, Washington State’s version of  the “Right to Know” law California voters narrowly rejected last
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