“Essential employees” kept the economy from totally tanking during the past year, often leaving the impression that the coronavirus made these jobs among the most dangerous.   

Meat and poultry production plant work, especially in spring of 2020, was seen as among the most dangerous as localized outbreaks caused temporary closures
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A new report by the Inspector General for USDA has only one Constitutionally- suspect argument for use by Congressional opponents of moving some federal jobs to the Kansas City area.  Some transferred positions involve food safety-related research positions.

Under his own authority, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue is about to
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Consumers buying pricey organic produce would likely be upset if they knew the imported fruits and vegetables they pay premium prices for are sometimes doused with chemicals when they reach the United States.

A new report by USDA’s Inspector General looks at the National Organic Program’s international “arrangements and agreements”
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