Ron DeSantis is back to doing what Governors do as he left the Presidential campaign trail.  And Gov. DeSantis has just made it clear that he looks warmly on two bills in the Florida Legislature that ban the cultivation and sale of lab-grown meat products.

House Bill (HB) 435 and Senate Bill (SB) 586 would suspend any Florida establishment’s restaurant or retail license in the lab-grown meat trade.

“I know the Legislature is doing a bill to protect our meat, DeSantis said in a public statement last week.  “You need meat, OK?  We are going to have meat in Florida. 

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As expected, USDA has followed Singapore by approving for the United States, the growth by two companies of animal cells into chicken products that one day might be sold to consumers.

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service is granting inspections to two companies. It also issued instructions to its inspection program personnel (IPP) about their roles and responsibilities with regard to inspection and verification activities in establishments that harvest or process so-called cell-cultured meat or poultry food products for human food.

FSIS cited these “key points.”

  • FDA and FSIS jointly oversee the production of cell-cultured meat and poultry food products and
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