For its 31st annual report on pesticide residues in food, the Agricultural Marketing Service of the USDA has good news.

“In 2021, over 99 percent of the samples tested had residues below the tolerances established by the EPA with 24.0 percent having no detectable residue,” according to the report released

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Almost half of the people asked in a survey have said it was safe to eat fruits and vegetables washed with soap or diluted bleach.

University College London and The Health Sciences Academy found 43 percent of participants wrongly believe the practice was safe, supposedly done to remove potential Coronavirus
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Official food safety controls in Turkey can ensure that food of non-animal origin intended for export to the European Union meet requirements for primary production and processing, according to a report.

The Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) audit looked at the systems in place to control microbiological
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RaspberriesCloseupMainNew research out of Washington State University shows that ultraviolet C light can help kill foodborne pathogens on certain fruits. The light, which cannot penetrate opaque, solid objects, destroys the nucleic acid and disrupts the DNA of microorganisms. It’s been used for years to sanitize food contact surfaces, as well
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Choosing healthy food is complicated for consumers when they are faced with conflicting recommendations. In the case of the healthiest foods – fruits and vegetables – the choice should be very easy. Consumers simply should be eating more. Whether organically or conventionally grown, consumers can choose either with confidence. Unfortunately,
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PROVIDENCE–With implementing regulations held up at the White House’s Executive Office of Management and Budget (OMB), officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are finding themselves able to talk only in generalities about the nation’s new food safety law. That’s disappointing to some attending the International Association for
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Last month the United States Department of Agriculture released its Pesticide Data Program Annual Summary which reports pesticide residues on fruits, vegetables and other foods commonly consumed in the United States. This was the 20th time this report has been published and it, in part, represents the transparency the USDA
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