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Khapra beetle larvae can destroy a significant proportion of unprotected grain stores due to their “dirty eating” behavior, e.g., their feeding habit where the beetle eats only a little of a single grain before moving on to others. The khapra beetle is difficult to control and can survive nearly anywhere
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Indiana health officials have found no unusual chemical substances in packages of Original Skittles sold at a Richmond, IN, Marathon Food Mart. Possible contamination of two lots of Original Skittles was determined when field testing showed preliminary chemical results on March 5. These results are unsubstantiated as no toxins were
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America’s riskiest animal disease research can be housed in less space than the $1.14 billion facility planned for construction in Manhattan, KS, says a blue chip panel of scientists from the National Research Council. And, their report also reveals, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security believes that “given the need
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