Officials have published a document highlighting ways to avoid the risks from foodborne parasites transmitted by pork, freshwater fish and crustaceans.

Foodborne parasitic diseases are often neglected in food safety control systems even though they can cause severe human health problems, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

One challenge is that affected animals might not show signs of disease, making it difficult for farmers and authorities to detect a problem. Also, if there are no production or financial losses associated with the parasite in animals, there is no incentive to control them.

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Spanish authorities have halted the sale of certain seafood products in Galicia that may pose a risk to human health.

The Guardia Civil seized more than 150 tons of Norway lobster in the second phase of an operation called Pinza Roja. Norway lobster is also known as scampi, Dublin Bay prawn, or langoustine.

Seized product did not have correct traceability documentation so a health risk could not be ruled out.

The agency’s maritime section and the Coast Guard’s Veterinary Inspection Service of the Xunta de Galicia took the action. Value of the immobilized merchandise in the market was estimated to
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