The FDA has issued a warning about oysters from a certain harvest area in Connecticut that were distributed to other states. Testing has shown the oysters to be contaminated.

The warning and related recall posted today by the Food and Drug Administration did not indicate a specific contaminant.

Restaurants and

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Vibrio vulnificus, a microorganism that can lead to severe skin breakdown and ulcers, was detected in a recently deceased individual from Suffolk County. Following this discovery, New York Governor Kathy Hochul has addressed New Yorkers about crucial public health measures and continuous preparedness endeavors.

The Governor’s announcement comes after the

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The Connecticut Department of Public Health is warning residents about the potential dangers of consuming raw shellfish and exposure to salt or brackish water along Long Island Sound, because of severe Vibrio vulnificus infections. 

Since July 1, three cases of Vibrio vulnificus infections have been reported to the state health department. The three patients

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Additional state and federal investigators have joined New Jersey, issuing public warnings about unpasteurized, raw milk being illegally distributed by Udder Milk. The milk has been linked to a case of antibiotic-resistant brucellosis.

New Jersey’s Department of Health ordered the company — self-described as a “co-op on wheels” — to
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State legislatures remain in session from Alabama to Wyoming, with food safety mostly getting only a light touch from lawmakers who seem largely focused on budgets and education in this non-election year. In Alabama, where a new cottage food bill took effect last June 1, Extension services are getting
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