Compassion Over Killing

When you think about the food being served in school cafeterias nationwide, do the words meat recall, animal abuse, unsanitary conditions and slaughter plant shutdowns come to mind? Perhaps they should. A few weeks ago, the U.S. Department of Agriculture temporarily shut the doors of Central Valley Meat (CVM), a
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The Humane Society of the United States recently ranked Colorado’s animal-protection laws among the top 10 for overall effectiveness. But, this past Friday, the Weld County Prosecutor’s Office determined that timing provisions in those laws are not enough to justify charging an undercover animal-rights investigator with animal cruelty. Prosecutors dismissed
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A contractor working undercover for the non-governmental organization known as Compassion Over Killing is now being charged with animal cruelty in Colorado. Weld County Sheriff John B. Cooke said videographer Taylor Radig is charged with one Class 1 misdemeanor count of animal cruelty “due to her believed participation in the
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