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Researchers have called for more focus on Vibrio infections in Australia because of the potential impact of climate factors and a growing industry.

Australia currently produces almost 8,900 tons of oysters per year with expanded production expected in the next few years.

Vibrio infection is not a nationally notifiable disease
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A decline in Salmonella across Australia in 2020 has been linked to actions to tackle COVID-19, according to a study.

Researchers compared Salmonella rates in 2020 to past years and looked at the impact of COVID-19 measures. Findings were published in the Communicable Diseases Intelligence journal.

To control coronavirus,
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Salmonella dominated reported outbreaks in Australia in 2016 causing several large incidents, according to a study published recently.

A total of 177 foodborne outbreaks were reported affecting 3,639 people, with at least 348 hospital admissions and four deaths. A food vehicle was identified in 109 outbreaks, researchers report.

Salmonella was
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