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Today, the FDA doubled-down on its flawed 2005 and 2017 decisions to allow the hazardous chemical perchlorate to be added to dry food packaging. The FDA denied a request for a public hearing submitted by the Center for Food Safety, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, and other advocacy groups.

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Two San Francisco Bay area activist organizations that previously pressured the FDA about keeping the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rulemaking on a schedule are again pushing for the agency to meet the Act’s mandates.

“FDA’s failure to implement FSMA’s critical food safety regulations by the statutory deadlines is an
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The federal magistrate judge has yet not yet ruled whether the defendants even have the legal standing to bring their case, and the federal defense attorneys have yet to show up in the court, but two activist organizations say they are now “entitled to a summary judgment on their sole
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An industry trade group representing California and Arizona produce growers isn’t happy with a recent federal court decision striking down government guidance for using composted municipal green waste on organic farms. Applying industrial compostIn a statement released June 21, Western Growers of Irvine, CA, expressed disappointment in the June 20 ruling by
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The saga of the missing FDA food safety regulations continues with a new government filing in a lawsuit challenging FDA’s failure to promulgate regulations implementing three critical programs that Congress established in the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011. As I noted in a previous posting, the three sets
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