Restaurants usually have names that are easy for people to remember, but victims of foodborne illness often find legal names of restaurants can be elusive. Restaurant franchises are often passed from limited partnerships to individuals or corporations and back again.

Take the Pizza Ranch in Lincoln, NE. It was the center a year ago of nine-state E. coli outbreak involving dough used for desserts.

logo-Pizza-RanchBut when a family of a Lincoln girl, one of 13 outbreak victims, went to sue the restaurant, her attorneys apparently missed the mark by not getting the correct legal name of the restaurant on court
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A $11.37-million default judgment a Wyoming federal judge recently awarded to a Nebraska man for injuries resulting from Salmonella poisoning should be voided, according to lawyers representing Ovation Brands. Casper, WY, attorneys Scott P. Klosterman and Keith J. Dodson appeared in court Nov. 6 to defend Ovation Brands and Buffets Inc. (doing business as Old Country Buffet) for the first time, a couple of weeks after the $11.37-million default judgment was ordered by the court. Old Country BuffetChris and Heather Gage sued in October 2014, and the case proceeded over the following year to a default judgement without the restaurant chain putting
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