Animal activists always seem to have something going on, with no shortage of organizations to carry out their agendas. Last Sept. 2, an incoming petition to USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) asked for a notice conveying that:

 1) State government officials are not categorically preempted from enforcing state anti-cruelty

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California in 2020 is scheduled to begin implementing more stringent animal confinement standards for in-state and out-of-state producers who sell certain animal products the state.

The new law was overwhelmingly approved in 2018 by California voters as Proposition 12. It covers breeding pigs, veal calves, and egg-laying hens kept on
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Utah’s law criminalizing “both lying to get into an agricultural operation and filming once inside” violates the First Amendment and has been declared unconstitutional by Federal Judge Robert J. Shelby.

The ruling announced late Friday by the U.S. District Court for Utah resolves the first lawsuit in the nation to
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Individuals and animal activists’ organizations were swarming the government comment site, yesterday over proposed new guidelines about labeling claims made about how animals are raised.

Monday was the deadline for comments on the new labeling guidelines that were rolled out last September. The guidelines require supporting documentation when submitting
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