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David Walpuck is a native of Tarrytown, NY. He is a certified professional in food safety (CP-FS) from The National Environmental Health Association, an administrator for The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals and has twenty years' experience in operations, auditing, consulting and teaching. He is also the author of the book "Contaminated: Negligence in Food Safety" and has a new book, "What Consumers Should Know About Food Safety" scheduled to publish May 2, 2016.


Birds are a beautiful thing of nature and should be respected and admired. However, they do not belong inside foodservice operations or any other food facilities. Their search for food and a comfortable harborage area, especially now during the colder months, encourages birds to seek entry to the great indoors.
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Most everything these days is so after-the-fact and, in some circumstances, a fire drill. Proper communicating, planning and budgeting are necessary when it comes to equipment maintenance, replacement or purchasing. Everything from small wares, such as a simple vegetable peeler, to larger pieces of processing equipment, like a meat grinder,
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Ice is food.

Some food service operators and their employees take that fact for granted. They don’t take proper precautionary measures to handle the product properly or the necessary preventive maintenance measures to ensure that the ice machine is clean, sanitary and operating safely. below are some best practices

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